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   Did you know it is not uncommon to use a different cleanser as the weather changes. Oily skin may not be as oily in Fall and Winter months. What are some options for Oily skin?
Rather than using our Charcoal Tea Tree or Turmeric Aloe Cleansers morning and night, add our Vegan Bamboo Cleanser as your morning Cleanser. 
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Aging is a process we all go through and one of the first areas of the body that can reflect aging, is the face. Stress, diet, environment, lack of exercise and synthetic beauty products are just a few factors that contribute to aging less gracefully.


Our Sands Skin Care line is free of harmful chemicals, fillers and synthetic scents and are hypo-allergenic and cruelty-Free. 

The finishing touches are complete to our brand-new site. We’re so excited to have you try everything, and if you would like to try a product, CONTACT US or, select a suitable sample from our skincare store.  We make our products in small batches to maintain the freshest products and they do sell out QUICKLY, so do not hesitate! 

Stay Tuned for our "Clear Skin Summer Specials!" 

COMING SOON -  Ginger Orange Blossom Microderm Polisher, Charcoal Kale Microderm Polisher and EyeBrite Eye Cream. Clear Sands is our line designed for Oily and Acne Prone Skin. Coming Soon is our Turmeric Aloe Facial Cleanser.

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